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Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive is your home for healthy comfort food, morning, noon and night. We have been welcoming Vancouver through our doors for over 25 years. We invite you to visit us for weekend brunch, Vancouver Poetry Slam events, The Fictionals Comedy shows, or any of our eclectic live music nights. Whether you're coming for a coffee date or bringing the young ones out for a play date, come on down to Cafe Deux Soleils.

The Drive

Commercial Drive is not only a unique neighbourhood and destination shopping district within Vancouver, but it's bucking the trend in North America towards homogenous shopping and dining experiences. Same place; different city might be familiar, but it's not very memorable. The 21 blocks of Commercial Drive from Venables at north end, to 13th Avenue at the south, over a mile long, are home to the most eclectic mix of businesses in the city. Of the more than 400 businesses on the Drive, the majority are single location, owner-operated, making our product mix, dining experiences, produce, entertainment and services completely unique.

This neighbourhood repeatedly receives the Georgia Straight Reader's Choice award as the best neighbourhood in the City. We've also been ranked one of the 10 hippest neighbourhoods in North America by Utne Reader.

Frequently described as Vancouver's Greenwich Village, or as creative and bohemian as Paris' Rive Gauche, Commercial Drive has experienced a resurgence of interest in restoring its heritage commercial and residential buildings.


Sun 9am - Mon - Wed 8am - 11pm
Thurs + Fri 8am, Sat 9am - midnight
Sat, Sun & Holidays - 9am


2096 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2


(604) 254-1195

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